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Our services

Here you will find an overview of our range of services. Is your desired service missing? A call is enough and we clarify, if we can work for you. We offer technical advice and the execution of all kinds of services in the field of shipbuilding and industry.

We For you

We are and would like to be your strong and experienced partner company with a strong sense of quality.

Through our Europe-wide networking, we are very flexible in meeting your requirements. As a partner company, we offer not only technical advice but also the procurement of materials or personnel services.


Our company operates throughout Europe and offers the following skills in the ski and industrial sectors:

  • Welding and assembly work of all kinds
  • Creating parts for ships such as sections, blocks and wall panels,….
  • Assembly of prefabricated parts in steel construction
  • Insulation work in the ship area
  • Interior fittings of ships
  • Coloring and surface preservation
  • Painting and sealing work
  • sandblasting
  • grinding work

The trade and distribution of ship components of all kinds is also part of our portfolio.

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